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Welcome to the Contact Centre Management Group (CCMG).

CCMG membership for Companies in the Contact Centre industry opens numerous opportunities to contact potential clients. The company, brand, product or services will benefit from CCMG's massive marketing and publicity campaigns for events designed to attract large numbers of qualified delegates and visitors. Solutions can be showcased at workshops, conferences and other events for impactful 1 on 1 interactions with decision makers.

Why the CCMG?

If your business targets the Contact Centre Industry, the CCMG is the perfect marketing vehicle to help achieve your goals.

CCMG members include all levels of professionals, executives and management from inbound, outbound and debt collection Contact Centres, outsourcers, users of tele-services, trainers, consultants, technology developers and suppliers and other industry-related service providers. Solution providers like yourself have a wide spectrum of opportunities to promote your company’s offerings and build relationships with our country’s top professionals both online and offline through Webinars & Master Classes, Workshops and training sessions, Newsletter (over 22,600 subscribers), Conferences, Website feature, Buyers guide (online) and Social Media marketing and Brand exposure.

Corporate Membership for Vendors and Contact Centres

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How to become a member

Attendance at the CCMG monthly events and participation in the online forums, provides a great opportunity to learn from industry experts and keep up-to-date with new developments. The CCMG brings together participants from all industry sectors to learn about best practice improvement, professional career development, and to examine tools and techniques to enhance the customer experience, while improving the business bottom line.


Pick your designation

A designation confirms publicly, to your employer and mostly to yourself, what your current worth is in the workplace. In many ways a designation is even better than a qualification.

Contact Centre Brand Ambassador
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Contact Centre Support Professional
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Contact Centre Operational Professional
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Contact Centre Strategic Professional
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Contact Centre Information and Data Analytics Professional
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Critical Skills Visa

The CCMG will be able to assist you with written confirmation of your meeting the criteria of one or more skills listed on the currently gazetted critical skills list. Follow the instructions and then apply for your CCMG Membership online. The CCMG (Contact Centre Management Group) is the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised professional body for the Contact Centre Industry. Professional Body I.D. No. 825.


Accumulate CPD

A Professional Designation is industry recognition that your skills are what the workplace wants and that you are up to date with the latest knowledge and practice in your field. This prestigious award confirms that you are competent and employable. Like a qualification, it is something you can actually write behind your name. In the Contact Centre Industry a designation is awarded for a period of three years, during which you are guided to maintain your CPD points. The CCMG is recognized with SAQA and is the only recognized professional body for the contact centre industry.

Visit the Designation section of this website to see the CPD Plan for your Professional Designation.



Who should join

Contact centre industry professionals interested in:
  • Developing their careers
  • Advancing their personal growth
  • Exploring a broad set of current and upcoming technologies, solutions, tools, platforms and services
  • Increasing their knowledge and understanding

Member Benefits

  • Knowledge sharing and networking
  • Connect with professionals and experts
  • Skills development for personal success
  • Access to winning tools and techniques
  • Real life case studies
  • Exposure to the highest standard of dynamic trainers
  • Master pertinent management techniques

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